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A Sample Itinerary For St. Vincent & The Grenadines...

Nothing better than snorkeling the Tobago CaysSunset from BequiaSmugglers Cove

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Each Charter Itinerary Is Unique & Flexible!

St. Vincent and the Grenadines, the Windward Islands, are often referred to as "The Spice Islands". They are located in the mountainous island chain between St. Vincent and Grenada. You will be captivated by the natural beauty and splendor of these islands, as many of the islands are wonderful to explore with lush forests and cascading waterfalls. You will also be amazed when at times you sailing thirty yards from shore and are in three hundred feet of water! The sailing is brisker, and the swells larger than in the BVI´s, and the current is stronger for snorkeling or swimming. This sailing area is still very much undeveloped.

Day One: Pick up your yacht in Blue Lagoon on the eastern side of Young Island Cut. We have a very comfortable Blue Lagoon St Vincentand reasonably priced hotel to recommend that you will have spent the previous night in, right on Blue Lagoon, as we highly recommend flying into St. Vincent the day before your charter is to begin (there a many restaurants, bars, and shops to enjoy your first afternoon and evening in Young Island Cut... how about dinner at the Lime n´ Pub?) From Blue Lagoon, enjoy an afternoon sail to Bequia and your first evening´s anchorage in Admiralty Bay. You will likely be greeted after anchoring by the Bequian boat boys wanting to sell you trinkets, fish, fruit, etc. or just to play music for you with their homemade instruments (gratuities expected!). You can welcome them and they will pull up to your gunwale or stern, or a firm no thank you will cause them to move on to the next boat.

Day Two: Spend the early morning exploring the quaint town of Port Elizabeth,Moonhole you can visit the bar on top if you like and then back on board and a sail around the western end of Bequia passing Moonhole, an architectural wonder built out of the rocks! How about a lunch anchorage at Petite Nevis, where you will enjoy some good snorkeling. For your evening anchorage you have two choices - sail north to Friendship Bay on Bequia and enjoy a longer reach to Mustique tomorrow, or sail south to Britannia Bay on Mustique and spend tomorrow morning swimming in the crystal clear waters of Britannia Bay.

Day Three: After anchoring in Britannia Bay, go ashore and explore Mustique by jeep (they call them "mules") and pass by the homes of the rich and famous like Mick Jagger, David Bowie, and Princess Margaret. Mustique is a private island. Make sure youBasils home of the rich and famous enjoy a Sundowner or Painkiller at Basil´s. By the way, is that Keith Richards at the bar, and is that Cheryl Tiegs sitting at the rail watching the sunset? Tonight enjoy the sunset yourself and watch for the "green flash"!

Day Four: Weigh anchor, and fill the canvas, today you are sailing to the Tobago Cays! You will first see the unspoiled island of Mayreau, sail by and set anchor in the spectacular Tobago Cays. There is much to do here, and or there is nothing at all to do here... it is your choice! Perhaps you will enjoy a late afternoon snorkel at Horseshoe Reef, or a stroll on the perfect white sand beach at Salt Whistle Bay. Great snorkeling is found in the Tobago CaysThe Cays have a great breeze and good holding in protected water, and the best snorkeling "down island"... so make a round of rum punches, light the BBQ and take it all in because it does not get any better than this!

Day Five: Wake up early and snorkel the Wreck of the Purina, or go back to Horseshoe Reef and snorkel Long Reef, Sail Rock, and Worlds End Reef. Perhaps you have decided to spend another day and evening here... why not? this is paradise. Or, set sail for Carriacou and a great afternoon sail to Tyrrel Bay. You should be able to set anchor by 4:00, tonight plan on going into town and having dinner or drinks at one of the several bars and restaurants. Do you want to go to Bubbles or Turtle Dove?

Day Six: If you are heading back to St. Vincent, it is that time to begin Dont you hate it when your vacation ends the sail north. You have many anchorage choices, do you want to enjoy another evening at one you enjoyed on the way down? Or do you want to experience a new one? Perhaps Canouan and one of it´s bays, or back to Mustique. So many decisions to make! Wherever you sail to, you are sailing in the Grenadines mon!

Day Seven: Wake up with a swim and then hoist the sail and head for Young Island Cut and St. Vincent. Has a week passed already? Wait, you are not ready to go home yet! Well enjoy the sail and your flight home, you still are on vacation you know...

Don´t forget this is only a sample itinerary and is flexible and can be customized based on what you want to see. jolly mon sailing has sailed these waters and we have many ideas for you!

jolly mon sailing NOTE: Bare boaters - you can pick up a yacht out of St. Lucia and sail the thirty miles south to St. Vincent. This itinerary then becomes a ten day charter, or you could just sail the St. Lucia waters during a week charter. You can also pick up a yacht in St. Vincent keeping to a seven day itinerary. Or, you can pick up yacht out of Grenada and sail north to Bequia and reverse the St. Vincent itinerary, again this becomes a ten day charter. One other alternative is to charter one way from either St, Lucia or Grenada with drop off fees (call jolly mon sailing for the exact fees). There is also a bareboat base in the middle of the Grenadines cruising grounds on Canouan. Crewed Charterers - We can customize your itinerary either sailing from St. Lucia or Grenada to the Grenadines with a drop off at Blue Lagoon, and flight back from St. Vincent. Or, experience the itinerary below.

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