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Working with jolly mon sailing

Tell us about your company?
We are a husband and wife owned company, located in Southern California. We began jolly mon sailing in October 1994 with some very strong customer service beliefs, please read the section in our web site called "jolly mon´s promise", it discusses jolly mon sailing´s Mission Statement and "Four Commitments to our Clients".
Tell us more about jolly mon sailing.
We are a full service travel brokerage, which means we are able to help you plan your entire vacation, the yacht charter, all hotel reservations, airline reservations at the best airfares available to your vacation, and trip cancellation insurance. To insure your peace of mind, we are a Register Seller of Travel (CST) licensed by the State Attorney General´s office.
Why should we book our vacation through you?
Well, besides our mission statement beliefs and client commitments, and the peace of mind you will have working with a professional travel agency licensed by the Attorney General´s office of the State of California, we also have a fun surprise for you. We give every vacationer that books with us a "jolly mon sailing Fun Package", valued at over $25.00 U.S. per person, the package consists of a jolly mon sailing T-shirt or low profile baseball style hat, cold drink koozie, and luggage tags! And on are more serious note... we also donate one percent of all our commissions to four charities that we believe affect all of us on or near the water´s edge, "VISAR" (Virgin Islands Search and Rescue), The BVI National Parks Trust, The Humane Society British Virgin Islands, and The American Cancer Society.
Tell us about where our vacation deposit goes when we send it to you.
All charter and vacation deposit monies are placed in jolly mon sailing´s Client Trust account, and are paid out to the companies we represent at the appropriate time. Your deposits are fully protected at all times.
Do you own your own the yachts you represent?
Wish we did! Seriously, most of the yachts are owned by the crew on them. The crews usually consist of a husband and wife or male and female "significant other relationship" teams (and some crews are just friends). If the crew does not own the yacht, then they have been carefully hand picked by the yachts owners. Whether the crew owns the yacht or if they are a hired crew, all of the crewed yachts that we will represent are chosen because the crew is fabulous!
It sounds like you qualify the yachts you represent?
Absolutely! We attend four Caribbean Yacht Shows every year, the New England show, and the Greek Yacht Show every couple of years, and carefully inspect and evaluate every crewed yacht in the fleet. We inspect the yacht for cleanliness, ease of layout to enjoy a charter, and amenities. We evaluate the yacht for crew personalities, and if we would spend our hard earned money and vacation time aboard the yacht. The yachts we have profiled are "jolly mon sailing´s TOP YACHTS", and we highly recommend them for a luxury crewed charter vacation experience!
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Working with jolly mon sailing     Luxury Crewed Yachts     How to Book a Charter     Bareboat Yacht Charters Charming Barges

Luxury Crewed Yachts

What is the cost of a luxury crewed yacht charter?
Rates vary by the size of the yacht and the number of charter guests in your party. However, a good rule of thumb is $225-275 U.S. per person per day, all inclusive. Sometimes you are able to find a yacht that is perfect for your charter criteria and it is less than these rates, other times (especially with the power yachts) rates maybe higher. Call us to discuss exact rates so you are choosing from the yachts in your vacation price range.
What is the difference between a monohull and a catamaran yacht?
Monohulls have one hull and deliver a sailing experience that includes the yacht heeling while under sail. Depending on the yacht selected for your charter, a monohull may have a more spacious stateroom. Catamarans have two hulls and deliver a very stable sail, they are recommended for first time sailors or those who feel they may be prone to seasickness. They have very spacious topsides, most of the time you will have over 1000 square feet of salon, cockpit, freeboard, and fore deck, including the trampoline which we call the "twenty-four hour hammock"... wonderful for afternoon naps! Catamarans are especially recommended for groups of six to eight, as most equal staterooms.
I am afraid I might get seasick as I have never spent time on a yacht?
Many first time charterers have this apprehension. We recommend obtaining some Dramamine or using a patch or wrist strap that can be obtained at a local pharmacy. You may also consider a catamaran, as you experience a much more stable sail. Also, the captain can customize your charter itinerary to provide for the smoothest sailing waters.
What exactly is included in a fully crewed yacht charter?
All of your gourmet meals, snacks, and beverages (in the British Virgin Islands alcohol is included). We send you a food and beverage preference form so you can specify food and beverage likes and dislikes. All of your water sports (except SCUBA, although some dive yachts include dives), snorkeling, kayaking, and wind surfing, are all popular and included on a yacht charter. The crew cleans your stateroom and head daily and changes linens mid-week. We like to say the crew "keeps you fed, makes your bed, and cleans the head".
Which islands should we charter to?
You have many great areas and islands to choose from. We offer yacht charters in the Caribbean, the British Virgin Islands, and "down island" including St. Martin, Antigua, the French West Indies, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Grenada, and the San Blas Islands ("got ta sail to St. Somewhere!"). Also, the Bahamas and Florida Keys, Tahiti, Fiji, and other South Pacific Islands, Australia, the Seychelles, Turkey, and the Greek Isles, plus barges on the romantic waterways of Europe.
What water sports are available on a yacht charter?
Besides the always popular morning, lunch and pre-dinner swims, all of the yachts offer snorkeling (try the caves on Norman Island), most have one or two person kayaks, a few have wind surfers, water skis, wake boards, tubes, floating sun mats, noodles, and many yachts offer diving with tanks and compressors on board for both the beginner and the PADI certified diver. For a list of each yachts "toys" check the specification page on their profile.
We want to learn to dive and get certified, what are our options?
You have a couple of choices, one is to go to your local dive shop and take a resort course and the book course work, then choose a yacht that has a dive instructor who can certify you for open water dives. Or, choose a yacht that provides full resort course and open water dive certifications. Rates vary from yacht to yacht on these options. Call us to discuss the yachts, crews, and rates.
We want to learn to dive, could you provide us some direction as how to proceed?
First of all, the diving world can be complicated and confusing to the beginner. So let´s start with the basics.

A Resort Course is a one day introduction to diving that involves a couple of hours of classroom discussion and course work covering the physiology and basic principals of diving, followed by a shallow dive. Once a Resort Course has been completed, the individual is then able to dive with the assistance of a Dive Master or Dive Instructor for a period of up to 3 weeks. Before completion of a resort course, the student must sign a medical form confirming that they don´t suffer from any medical condition which might make diving dangerous, asthma, heart problems, epilepsy and diabetes.

A Certified Diver is someone who has studied diving in greater detail and has completed many hours of classroom and pool work. Many people will complete this section of classroom and pool work in their home town and then go to somewhere like the BVI´s to do their "certification dives" which are the four or five open water dives required to finish the course. A Certified Diver is able to dive anywhere in the world without assistance. They are given a "dive card" to prove their ability to dive, which enables them to get tank re-fills.

A Dive Master is permitted to escort certified divers and individuals who have completed a "Resort Course", however, they cannot instruct.

An Instructor is at the top of the ladder.

We do not mean to oversimplify diving terminology, but hope this will help the beginner understand a little more about how to begin and some key terms. We represent crewed yachts that offer full instruction from Resort Course through Dive Certification, and yachts with Dive Masters. Please call us to discuss your specific needs at 800-565-5984.

On a crewed yacht charter vacation are there any hidden costs?
Your charter rate includes everything but crew gratuity (generally 15-20% of the charter rate, diving if it is not included in the charter rate, meals and drinks ashore, and dockage if you want to spend the night in a slip. Also, in some cases your cruising taxes and license fees (call us to discuss exact rates, but usually around $150 U.S. per week).
How long is does a crewed yacht charter last?
Charters range from a minimum of four nights to a maximum of what available time and money you have for a vacation. For charters less than six nights a 10% surcharge is added to the daily charter rate most charters are for one week (seven nights).
Where does the yacht pick us up?
Pick-up depends on where you are chartering. For all British Virgin Island charters we recommend a Tortola pick-up. If you want to fly into St. Thomas for a less expensive airfare or to do some shopping before or after your charter, we advise a Red Hook pick-up at the American Yacht Harbour. Charters with over six charterers must be picked up in the British Virgin Islands. Other island charters typically have a pick-up at the closest harbour to the airport (call us for details).
How far in advance should we book the yacht?
Our immediate answer is as soon as possible. Many veteran charterers book their charter over a year in advance and take out our trip insurance. Benefits to booking that far in advance are twofold, you are assured of your first yacht selection, and you lock in this years rates in the likelihood the yachts rates increase. If you cannot plan that far in advance, we recommend choosing a couple of yachts in the event one already has a charter on the books.
What do we need to pack?
First of all pack as light as possible and use duffel or soft sided luggage for easier stowage on the yacht. A couple of bathing suits, a few pairs of shorts, T-shirts, sun dresses or rompers for the women, boat shoes or sandals to go ashore (you are barefoot on the yacht), collared shirts for men only if you plan on a dining in "nice" restaurant ashore. Really, pack very light you will live in your bathing suit during the day, and in shorts and T-shirts at night.
Are the yachts air-conditioned?
Many are and we would be happy to tell you which one´s are when you call us at 800-565-5984. However, you will find that the yachts anchor where there is typically a fresh breeze which allows for comfortable sleeping. If a yacht has A/C many charterers prefer that it is not run once they are on board and have a feel for the weather, plus to run A/C you have to run the generator and that can be noisy. If you want a yacht with A/C look for this image This yacht offers air-conditioning... next to the yachts name.
What type of foods are served?
When you book your yacht, along with the charter agreement we send you a food preference sheet which allows for you to fill out according to your food likes and dislikes. You will find that the chefs are true professionals when it comes to preparing and presenting your meals aboard the yacht. Many times the meals served rival any five star restaurant! Many of the chefs have attended culinary schools.
Our children don´t eat much and of course do not drink alcohol, can we get a discount on the charter rate?
There are a couple of yachts that offer family prices, but generally each yacht sets their rate for the total number of adults and/or children in the charter group. In the British Virgin Islands where alcohol beverages are cheap many times the mixers, sodas, and fruit juices are more expensive than the alcohol in the drink. Food preparation is a break-even even cost for the yachts.
Is there a minimum age requirement for children?
This varies by yacht, of course the child must be water safe and many times any children under five or six might be better off staying home (not alone!).
We do not smoke, are there any non-smoking yachts?
Yes, many of the yachts have crews that do not smoke. However, most of the yachts allow their guests to smoke on the aft deck outside where the wind blows any smoke away from the yacht. Therefore, the inside of the boat and particularly your cabin will not smell of smoke.
We would like to charter around the Christmas holidays, does it cost more?
Most of the yachts do have a 10% surcharge rate or have a ten day minimum over Christmas and New Years.
Do any of the yachts have clothing optional charters?
Yes, however in the BVI´s only under sail and in the very secluded anchorages. When you are at anchor in a more populated area a cover-up is suggested. In the French West Indies, the acceptance of nudity is more liberal.
We would like to go on a charter, but our friends can´t go and we would like to be on a yacht with other couples. Any suggestions?
Yes, we have several options for you. The type charter you are looking for is called a "share boat or stateroom charter". Call us for more information and rates.
What days do the charters begin?
Your charter can begin any day of the week at 12:00 PM.
Do you offer trip insurance?
Yes, as a full service travel brokerage we offer a very reasonable insurance policy for your vacation.
We would like to learn how to sail while on charter, do you have any yachts that provide instruction?
Yes, all the captains will provide basic seamanship tips to you, and there are several yachts that provide charters that will give you intensive "hands on" sailing experience and a certification at the end of the charter for a nominal fee.
Is there a set itinerary for the charters?
No, although there are certain places all the yachts like to take you to. Also the captain will customize your charter itinerary with you.
Do any of the charter yachts have pets on board?
A few have a cat or dog. We have mentioned the pets by name and type in the yachts profiles section. For pet lovers, we highly recommend these yachts as the pets are great charter companions (one yacht even has a cat, Picasso, that loves to swim).
Will the crew respect our privacy?
Absolutely! The crews are hospitality professionals and will take the cue from you if you want them to socialize with you or leave you to yourselves, and any combination in-between.
How do we know which yachts will be best for our group?
Look over the yacht profiles for an introduction to the yachts, and then call us to discuss exactly what you are looking for, and we will advise you as to which yachts are best.
We would like to celebrate a special occasion while on the charter, will the crew accommodate our request?
Of course! Many charterers celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and many other special occasions. Let us know when booking the yacht and we will insure the crew knows of the occasion to plan a little something special.
Are there any yachts equipped for physically challenged charterers?
We have had several charters designed for the physically challenged individual, please call us to discuss your charter.
Are any drugs allowed on board?
There is a "no tolerance" drug policy strictly enforced. Anyone found using or in possession of drugs will be put off the yacht immediately and the yacht charter fee will not be reimbursed.
We would like to contact some of your previous charter clients before we book a charter with you, is this possible?
Yes! Call us for names and phone numbers.
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Working with jolly mon sailing     Luxury Crewed Yachts     How to Book a Charter     Bareboat Yacht Charters Charming Barges

How to Book A Charter

We saw several yachts on your web site that we like, how do we go about planning our charter?
You have just completed the first step in the planning process, find some yachts that are what you want, call us to discuss the yachts rates and yacht particulars, and to make sure the yacht is available for the time you want to charter. If one of the yachts is available and in your price range, we will place a hold on it so you can send your deposit to our trust account. A certified check or wire transfer works best, then we contact the yacht´s administrative office and book your dates. It´s a simple process!
How about our airline tickets to our charter destination?
As a full service travel brokerage, we will search for the best airfares available for your charter dates to and from your charter destination
If we arrive later than the 12:00 PM charter start time what should we do?
We recommend staying at a local hotel, we have many hotels and resorts to choose from that we have personally inspected from very inexpensive hotels (by island standards) to the more expensive resorts. We specialize in matching you with the type of land accommodations you desire and that fit your budget (we love the funky non-touristy one´s).
We need a vacation now, how soon can we go?
We love your enthusiasm! We can put you on a yacht within the week, call us for your options.
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Working with jolly mon sailing     Luxury Crewed Yachts     How to Book a Charter     Bareboat Yacht Charters Charming Barges

Bareboat Yacht Charters

What is the difference between a crewed yacht charter and a bareboat yacht charter?
A crewed yacht charter is when you have a captain and chef on board. They are your hosts for the vacation and provide the sailing expertise, the chef prepares wonderful gourmet meals plus snacks throughout the day. This type of charter is an all-inclusive one aboard a luxury yacht. A bareboat yacht charter is a charter which requires you sail the boat yourself. This is a charter for very experienced sailors. The captain of this charter must have a strong sailing resume outlining their sailing experience, in addition, one other charterer must have a solid sailing resume to be crew. The bareboat company base manager approves all bare boaters sailing resumes.
Tell us about your bareboat charters.
We represent the finest bareboat companies in the premier sailing areas of the world. In the Caribbean we have ranked the companies based on personal knowledge of the companies and our inspections of the base and boats they offer. We have a four tier rating system, please call us to discuss the companies.
If we charter in the Virgin Islands, should we charter a boat in the U.S. or British Virgin Islands?
We strongly recommend beginning your charter in the British Virgin Islands. You will save almost one full day of your seven day charter this way since the majority of your sailing will be in the BVI´s. Beginning your charter in the U.S. means you must clear U.S. customs and then clear into British customs, then you reverse the process when you sail back to U.S. waters. All in all, about a day is spent dingying ashore, filling out paperwork, and standing in customs lines.
Can you help us with the provisioning of our bareboat?
Yes, in the BVI´s we have several options we can recommend. You will plan your menu, order the provisioning for your menu from a shopping list we send you, and the food and beverages are delivered to your slip the first morning of your charter. You will save time and taxi fare by provisioning in this manner.
Will we save money by booking a bareboat through you?
Yes and no. The cost of the boat is the same whether you book with the bareboat company direct or with jolly mon sailing. However, there are times when we are aware of special promotions and discounts the companies offer that we let you know about. We also save you time by keeping everything simple for you in the paperwork department and handing all communications so that you do have to spend your time "sitting" on hold when contacting the companies if they are having a busy day. We also provide each charterer in your group our jolly mon sailing "Fun Package" valued at over $25 U.S. per charterer!
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Charming Barges

What countries are the barges available in?
There are many barges to choose from in France, Holland, Germany, England, Ireland, Scotland, as well as Switzerland, Austria, and Hungary.
Looking at your web site barge page, are the photo´s of the barges on it representative of the barges?
Yes, they are. We also have beautiful brochures of them to send you when you are ready to decide what country and area to take your barge vacation in. Call us at (800) 565-5984 for details.
Do any of the barges in France specialize in wine trips?
Yes, many of them offer day trips to wonderful wineries. How about the twenty-four passenger "Chanterelle" visiting the Upper Loire with a stop at the famous Sancerre vineyards.
What else do the barges have to offer during the day?
Well besides wine tastings, how about visits to marketplaces and quaint market shops, tours of medieval villages, biking or walking along the canal path stopping for a lazy picnic, and of course our favorite... hot air ballooning!
What does a barge vacation cost?
Rates vary by barge and season (value and regular seasons), however they start around $250 per person per day, double occupancy.
Where are some of the other areas in France we can barge through?
The Loire, Burgundy, Champagne, Alsace-Lorraine, Nivernais, Provence, and Midi areas.
How many passengers are on the barges?
They range from four to twenty-four passengers on the smaller more intimate barges, and up to a couple of hundred on the larger luxury floating hotels.
Can you assist us with air to France, lodging in Paris, and transfers to the barge.
Absolutely! We offer discounted air, have many great expensive and inexpensive hotels in Paris (by Parisian standards), and train transfers to your point of embarkation.
Is there a best time to go?
Depends on your tolerance to weather and crowds, the summer months are very busy, with the best weather and highest rates. Shoulder seasons are very pleasant with less crowds.
We want to plan a barge trip, but are do-it-yourselfers. Are there any barges we can drive ourselves?
Yes! They are called "self-skippered" barges and are in most of the countries, you can charter a barge for two to twelve people. Last summer we booked a group of twenty-four on three barges, they had a great time!
We are ready to go but need more information.
You are going to have a great time! Call us at 800-565-5984 or email us at jmsailing@aol.comand we will assist you deciding which country, area, and barge to choose.
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Working with jolly mon sailing     Luxury Crewed Yachts     How to Book a Charter     Bareboat Yacht Charters Charming Barges

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